Universal Ray RH Series (Single Stage) 20ft Radiant Tube Heater, 50-75,000 BTU (Natural Gas or Propane)

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Universal-Ray RH Series Infrared Tube heaters offer more than economy. Quality construction and opertional features make the Universal-Ray system the best in this class of equipment. The RH Series utilizes direct spark ignition, mirror finished aluminum reflector and end caps. 

Product Features:

  • Enameled control box (light blue).
  • Hot-rolled steel emitter tubes.
  • 4'' combustion air intake collar.
  • Operational indicator lights for troubleshooting at floor level.
  • Potted circuit board for high moisture applications.
  • Gas shut-off and flex connector provided.
  • Single pressure switch operation.
  • Highly polished aluminum reflectors.
  • Turlulator baffle for maximum heat transfer.
  • Totally enclosed components.

RH Series Installation Manual ----> Confirm Clearances to Combustible on Page 5 of manual.

Always maintain published clearance to combustibles. The stated clearances to combustibles represent a surface temperature of 90F above room temperature. Building materials with a low heat tolerance (such as plastics, vinyl siding, canvas, tri-ply, etc.) may be subject to degradation at lower temperatures. It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that adjacent materials are protected from degradation.

Models are shipped with one 1/2'' shut-off valve, one 24'' stainless steel flex hose, reflector center support, reflector end caps with clips, turbulator baffle, and applicable clamps and hangers.

Limited Warranty: 1 Year: Burner Box Components 5 Years: Combustion and radiant tubes 10 Years: Stainless Steel Burner

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